Class Rates and Fees

Class Rates for 2023

Duration Price
30 mins $9.00
45 mins $10.00
60 mins $11.00
75 mins $12.00
90 mins $13.00

All classes are charged on a per term basis. For example, for a one hour class a 10-week term will cost $110. Any classes cancelled by MISD due to teacher illness, absence or other reasons will not be charged, or will be credited to the following terms invoice.

MultiClass Discounts

The following discounts apply when students are enrolled in more than one class:

1st Class: 100% of Term fee; 2nd Class: 90% of Term fee; 3rd Class and any thereafter: 85% of Term fee



All students must be members of Mount Isa Dance Incorporated. As we operate as a non-profit organisation, it is essential that we have full membership. The cost for 2023 is $15 per family. Families will be billed for membership with their Term One Fees.

Fees are sent to your nominated email address approximately mid-term and must be settled prior to the end of term.